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FDFA Convention Niagara Falls Nov. 17 – 20 2013

This was my 3rd time visiting the big Canadian Duty Free Convention held in the Hilton Falls Niagara.
The show is particularly special in that the border store operators are owned by private individuals and they are a great bunch of people to work with.
The show is also attended by the airport operators ARI, Nuance, Dufry and World Duty Free so the convention combines the big global players with the independent store owners.
We have had great support from the border stores for the Paul Sapin MLP range and this year we introduced the new Joy range.

Paul Sapin - JOY

Paul Sapin – JOY

The range consists of 3 wines in 18.75 cl with a glass attached to each bottle for convenience . This was a very popular new line for the operators and look forward to starting to sell in the new concept with the 2013 vintage.
JOY Merlot - 12 Bottle Display

JOY Merlot – 12 Bottle Display

The JOY range comes in a ready to display case of 12 bottles perfect for a wine till-point strategy.

We also showed the newly created gift set “The French Classics”. This set comprises of 4 wines each in 25 cl glass equating to a total of 1 litre of wine.



The set contains 4 different French red wines from the classic regions, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone and Languedoc.
It is definitely the most friendly of all the shows as the same people from all the Canadian provinces attend each year and it is always nice to meet new and old friends.
I also was proud to show the operators the new brands which I have started to work with and the reaction was very positive indeed.
Next year the show will move to Toronto and I will definitely have it in my diary.