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Nordic Travel Retail Seminar 2012

MLP’s Eco Friendly Packaging shines in Scandinavia

I have just returned from the very well run Nordic Travel Retail Seminar 2012. The seminar had over 100 delegates from all the key players in the region: Tallink Silja, Viking Line, Color Line, Heinemann, In Flight Services, Nuance, Scandlines, Airport Retail Norway, Thomas Cook Airlines etc.

Barry Geoghegan with Niall Fanning of Butlers Chocolates at the Nordic Travel Retail Seminar 2012

Barry Geoghegan with Niall Fanning of Butlers Chocolates just before boarding the Tallink Silja Ferry MS Serenade at Helsinki Port for the Nordic Travel Retail Seminar 2012

It was a very well structured event with some world class speakers and some fascinating figures on the travel retail business in the region. This part of the world has probably the best markets for “MLP the Friendly wine bottles”. The people of the region have very strong views on Eco Friendly packaging and we have many many wines listed at the local domestic State run liquor stores System Bolaget, Alko etc.
Also, the fact that locals travel between the different Nordic countries by world class ferries makes this area one of the worlds biggest consumers of wine for Duty free.
I think the big Nordic tradition of hiking and cross country skiing make the MLP range a very practical format to take to the great outdoors of Scandinavia.
There was also great interest in the mini wine bottles gift packs (World Wine Collection) which, it was generally felt would be a great wine gift.
These markets are very different to other regions and we travelled through the night from Helsinki to Stockholm in order to experience just how the Duty Free business works in the region.
I have to finally say that the warmth of the people and willingness to help with new business make this one of the best travel retail events I have ever attended.