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Introducing Paul Sapin’s Multilayer PET – MLP®

MLP® … innovative advances in plastic wine bottles

Features at a glance ...

(1) Longer Shelf Life

(2) Lighter to transport

(3) Virtually Unbreakable

(4) 100% Recyclable

(5) Reduces carbon footprint

(6) Range of wines from around the world

MLP® Bottle
MLP® has a longer Shelf Life
- After 3 years of research, Paul Sapin in partnership with APPE (bottle manufacturer) and Novenbal (Capsule producer) have created a triple layer PET bottle that has 4 times the shelf life of current PET bottles.

- Based on an oxygen transfer coefficient of 0.014 versus 0.066 for current PET.

- The research was conducted with the Technical Centre for the Conservation of Agricultural Products(CTCPA ).

The shelf life of wines in PET bottle does not just depend on the bottling process but also on the packaging’s capacity to limit the exchange of gases between the product and its environment.

The MLP® PET (Multi –layer PET) is a new technology that extend the period of conservation.

Two layers of Polyethylene Terephthalate with a layer of nylon in between (the barrier material).

The barrier material is composed of a mixture of Nylon and a scavenger. This scavenger is used to absorb oxygen coming from the outside of the bottle as well as the oxygen contained in the headspace of the bottle.

MLP® is much Lighter to transport
20 Foot Container

Glass @ 12 x 75 cl = 1,000 Cases

MLP® @12 x 75cl= 1,379 Cases

i.e 38 % More

40 Foot Container

Glass @12 x 75 cl = 1,540 Cases

MLP® @12x 75 cl = 2,244 Cases

i.e 46 % More

Benefits of the PET bottle

Ideal for taking out and about to events and for drinking outdoors.
Compact bottle size for easier and less space storage.
Can be crushed to reduce wastage space.
100% recyclable.
Easy to reseal.


35% lighter bottle than regular 75cl glass bottle.
50% lighter bottle than regular 187 ml glass bottle.
10,000 more bottles loaded per lorry, 24 more cases per pallet, than regular 75cl glass bottles.
Bottle doesn’t break during transportation or storage, reducing wastage costs
Lighter than glass for carrying in shopping bags
Does not ‘clank’ or break in transport.
Screw cap more reliable than cork for tainted wines.

The Green Alternative to Glass
Less energy required to manufacture a PET bottle than glass.
PET is inert and easily recycled.
Incorporating recycled PET in production dramatically reduces carbon emissions.
New “Carbon Tax” will impact immediately the cost of glass and make Pet more competitive.
Paul Sapin is using up to 25% of B. recycled PET ( B. = bottle to bottle)
MLP bottle with PE capsule and plastic label is 100% recyclable. Aluminium capsule needs to be removed for recycling.

Lighter weight, compact bottles reduce carbon footprint in transport.


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