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Barry Global Innovation Ltd.

MLPPaul Sapin

Barry Global Innovation Ltd. is the exclusive global travel retail agent for Paul Sapin, the sole producer of MLPbottles.

The major features of MLP bottles are their long shelf life (at least twice the life of monolayer PET), lightness (three MLP bottles weighs the same as two glass wine bottles) and their unbreakability.

They are also recyclable (both capsule and bottle) and they reduce consumers’ carbon footprint (one can transport 46% more wine in MLP containers than in glass in a 40ft container). Crucially, from a quality viewpoint, the wine does not oxygenate as quickly as other PET formats with the MLP packaging.

Barry Global Innovation

Barry Global Innovation Ltd. is owned and managed by Barry Geoghegan, who has over 20 years’ experience in the wine business. He also has strong family connections to travel retail: his father Michael was one of the key figures in the expansion of Aer Rianta (now the Dublin Airport Authority) overseas in the 1980s, notably into the Middle East.